Feasting your eyes

If books are ‘under threat from new media’, then these new media are undoubtedly the Internet and ebooks. You get some great writing online, and in so called long-form too, but you stumble on these things while you’re doing something else, and your mind can’t possibly know what it’s missing, and whether it’s read a […]

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Ebooks are not books, and books will live FOREVER!

Ebooks are not books. They’re not ‘electronic’ books. In the same way that MP3s are not vinyl and Second Life isn’t real life (who’da thunk?). The book industry is not moving to ebooks. The publishing industry is expanding from paper to electronic screens. The losers will be those who think they are moving to electronic […]

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Why we can’t let ebuying take over

All this ‘shopping shifting’ – from physical goods to electronic goods, and shopping in physical spaces to shopping from ‘wherever you are’ (i.e. via mobile phone web/app) – will further reduce the quality of the stuff we can buy.

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