An ‘Open Source’ Sci-Fi Anthology

September 24, 2010
Cover of the Thoughtcrime Experiments anthology
Cover of the Thoughtcrime Experiments anthology

A note about a great anthology project which should interest writers and readers of Science Fiction, as well as Creative Commons fans (I fit into all these categories, which must be why I liked it so much!).

Thoughtcrime Experiments is a paying online anthology of Science Fiction stories (or, more precisely, speculative fiction) edited by Leonard Richardson and Sumana Harihareswara. It was born out of a daydream of a better collection, and released its first edition recently.

What most impressed me (in their Appendix A) was the detail with which they describe their journey. Richardson explicitly mentions that they did it “in the hopes of inspiring other people to put in some time and money and produce their own anthologies of the fiction that tickles their fancy”, but even so the amount they let you know about how they did it is amazing. You really can learn from their experience (and I’ve dreamed of doing so).

They go through the whole process from advertising the anthology and receiving submissions, to their reading process and how “One useful side effect of this work [writing rejections] is that I no longer take rejection notices at all personally.” The whole Appendix is an insight into how a writer handles being an editor.

If you’ve not seen the site yet, do check it out and let us know your favourite stories here!