In the Zones

July 10, 2022

In the country of D________ there are two large Zones just outside the capital city. These Zones are large enough for many distinct groups of people to gather at agreed times, for agreed purposes.

The Zones were established by a wise lawmaker who governed one of the towns near to the capital, and whose ideas proved so successful that the Zones were expanded and brought to the main urban area of D________.

No one lives in these Zones permanently – that is one of the laws that govern the Zones – but people stay from anywhere between an hour and a month. On occasion, people spend more time than this, especially in the Permission Zone, but to spend too long speaks of mental or psychological or social issues that should be resolved in another fashion.

Aside from the Permission Zone there is the Truth Zone, and people stay here rarely longer than one working day.

The Zone of Truth is an area installed with thousands of cameras and microphones. Everything that happens in the zone is recorded, and these recordings can be accessed by any citizen The database of recordings uses a block chain to prevent tampering, so everything that happens in the Truth Zone can be observed, either now or later, with full confidence in its accuracy. Importantly, things rarely are, but it is crucial to the operation of the Truth Zone that things might be, and can be.

The Truth Zone is mostly used for business meetings, which is why most visitors do not need to stay longer than the working day.

The Permission Zone is constructed by its inhabitants. No one can be compelled to visit, and all must arrive alone. In the Permission Zone nothing is forbidden. The Law does not run here, except that governing entry.

Energies are exhausted in the Permission Zone, feuds settled, moods allowed to run themselves flat.

It is interesting to observe how often people travel directly from one of these Zones to the other.