Blogs to Inspire Writing, and Writing Inspired by Blogs

February 11, 2010

I’ve set up this new blog as a kind of diary. That’s almost a cliche isn’t it?

But I mean it! I’m a writer, of fiction and non-fiction, but my only outlet at present is the Internet. The Internet is a wonderful place, though: a place to learn how to write, get your stuff seen by millions of people, and for you to find inspiration from others with the same passion.

That’s exactly how I came to set up the blog. I’ve just discovered the Collective Inkwell, which attempts to inspire and encourage. This week they have a writing prompt in their post “A Cure for Writer’s Block”, which is just a short sentence to send you on your merry way with keyboard or pen. I’m including it in my first post as I took up their offer and posted a very short story based on the prompt in their comments. I hope it goes down well, as the other two posts have had great feedback! Mine was attempting to be a bit different from the others, as they had quite a sad theme. I wanted the placing down of the box to be a more positive step, though of course you still need a bit of tension in a story!

Have a look, and if you’re a writer, join in.

Future posts on this blog will share other places I’ve found inspiring for my writing, and I’ll probably post a story or two as well.

Ta ta for now.