Nothing like a race to make you run faster

March 11, 2010

Found out today that an old uni friend of mine also writes, and has read stuff out loud at an open mic night. Out loud. Cripes, I can barely read my own work to myself silently. Cojones, that man. Respect.

Really wish I had more time to write. It’s great to know of someone who’s out there producing stuff – it really puts the wind in your sails. Might have a bit of a brain storm this evening just to make sure I haven’t officially Run Out of Ideas yet.

The two consolatory factors are that the Story Fixer noticed my comment about his cheesy photo (good to know a mere link to a blog can plunge you right into the community) and that I’ve actually been writing, albeit non-fiction. I’m about to upload a history of Bootle to my Historic Liverpool site. Just need to illustrate it too.

Got to keep those grey cells humming!