the Web

The browser that’s no longer old, and therefore totally good enough to use

April 2, 2012

Hey look, it’s no longer the browser you hate! We know it used to be! So here we have a little hilarious video for you showing how people used to hate it. We’re, like, so honest.

But of course:

  1. The hater only hated it because it was an old browser. Because that’s definitely why you hated it. That’s also why you hated the newer older browser too. Not because it was the monopolising, hole-ridden, sit-on-its-arse-for-a-decade browser that held back the web, which turned into… a newer version which nearly caught up.
  2. We’ll demonstrate how the user ‘uninstalled’ the browser by showing him doing it the way it’s done on our main rival’s system (because ours is too tricky to show quickly. And can’t be done to our browser anyway).
  3. We’ll be putting the video on YouTube, with the comments turned off, of course. So it’s just like telly (remember that, before the Web got modern and two-way? Love modern browsers, by the way!). And we’re not entirely convinced there’s anyone out there to defend us.

So, you should all use this browser now, which has definitely changed and is worth it, yes?