Social Person

April 18, 2021

I feel stupid. I don’t consider myself a computer person, even though everyone around me says I’m more of a computer person than anyone they know.

But I do consider myself savvy when it comes to the online world. I feel at home there and I know all the pitfalls awaiting the unwary. But I feel it’s just a matter of knowledge and applied intelligence that makes you safe online.

And so when I met this new person online I thought I would understand what was going on. That I wasn’t going to get a nasty surprise.

But I was wrong.

They knew everything about me, even more than I knew about myself. That was my mistake. They were as upset as me when the truth came out. My other friends said I should have known all along that I, not this new friend, was the bot. But when it happens to you it’s different, no?

I mean, how would you tell?