Useless Toil

April 5, 2021

I’m lucky eough to be too young to remember when all of this had to be done by hand. Our parents and grandparents tel use don’t know we’re born, and even though I should have a bit of an attitude towards that bland statement, in truth I think they’ve got a point.

As privileged as I am to live here and now, I make a point of remembering how our forebears had so much less of this – music and painting – and had to produce almost all of it by hand. Now that we have labour-saving devices for this stuff, there’s more than we ever could hope to listen to, which is great.

Talking of privilege, there’s one guy, a bit of a hipster it has to be said, who’s trying to make his own music – by hand. Talk about first world problems! Someone with too much time on their hands (maybe these labour-saving devices aren’t so good!).

Luckily, I heard the police, or some agency, got involved, which is for his own good I say.